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Annual % interest rate        
Amortization period, select mos or yrs    
Payment frequency        
Payments per year        
Compounding frequency      
# compounding periods per year      
Effective annual rate      
Regular payment amount        
Increase payment by        
Increased payment amount        
Additional payment every 12 months        
Tip: Increase the bi-weekly payment to 1/2 of the monthly payment, and see the savings.
Total payments and interest with regular payment amount:          
Total # of payments        
Total payments        
Total interest paid        
Total payments and interest with increased payments:            
Total # of payments        
Total payments      
Total interest paid      
Interest saved by increased payments      
Amortization period shortened by    
Outstanding balance after specified number of months or years, including any increased payments:  
Enter # of periods, select mos or yrs    
Outstanding balance        
Tip: Pay down your non-tax-deductible debt as quickly as possible, starting with the debt with the highest interest rates!

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