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Glossary of Accounting, Financial & Investing Information - N

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Naked call option

See covered vs. uncovered (naked) call.

Naked put option

See covered vs. uncovered (naked) put.

Net Asset Value (NAV)

The net asset value of an investment company is its total assets less its total liabilities.  Mutual funds and unit investment trusts (UITs) normally calculate their NAV at the close of each business day, and then all buy and sell orders are processed at the NAV.  The NAV for a closed-end fund need not be calculated daily, because its shares trade at market value, not at NAV.

Net assets

Total assets less total liabilities, which equals owners' equity.

Net capital gain

See capital gain or loss.

Net income

The part of income remaining after all expenses and taxes have been paid.  Also called net profit.

Net tangible assets

Net assets less intangible assets.

No par value

When shares of a corporation have no stated face value, they are said to be no par value shares.

No-load fund

This type of mutual fund does not charge sales commissions, but trailer fees are paid annually by the fund to the advisor, broker or dealer where you hold your funds.  A no-load fund may have a higher management expense ratio (MER), to make up for the lack of sales charges.  See also front-end load fund and back-end load fund.

Nominal interest rate

See interest rates.


A non-cumulative preferred dividend does not accrue or accumulate if unpaid.

Noncapital asset

A noncapital asset is property that is not a capital asset.  This includes:

depreciable property used in your trade or business or as rental property
real property used in your trade or business or as rental property
property held for resale in your business
supplies consumed regularly in the course of your trade or business
accounts or notes received acquired in the ordinary course of your trade or business for services rendered or for the sale of inventory and other property that you normally hold for resale
certain literary, musical or artistic compositions, copyrights, letters, memorandums or similar property.  However, you can elect to be treated as capital assets some musical compositions or copyrights that you sold or exchanged.
certain commodities derivative financial instruments held by a commodities derivatives dealer
hedging transactions that are clearly identified as hedging transactions by the end of the day on which they are acquired
certain US Government publications

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