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Money-Saving and Wealth-Building Tips

Compound Interest and Debt

Pay down non tax-deductible debt as quickly as possible

Credit cards - How compound interest can work against you

Compound Interest and Building Wealth

How much will you have if you save $1 per day?

How much must be deposited today to have $1 million in the future?

Tip:  Make compound interest work for you, not against you.

Reducing Costs

Cost cutting suggestions and estimated savings over 30 years

Lower your insurance costs.

Free software

Buying a vehicle

Your loyalty points or frequent flyer miles can expire.

Save money by protecting yourself - see the following links to consumer protection information:

Federal Trade Commission

US Consumer Product Safety Commission Consumer Action Handbook - a wealth of information is provided in this handbook.  There is a pdf version, as well as an interactive online version.


Unclaimed Bank Balances

Check to see if there are unclaimed balances that belong to you or a relative.


Government Benefits

Child and family benefits provided by Federal and State governments


Tip:  Get ahead by living below your means!

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